Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta – A famous name in the history of travel. The Moroccan traveller is a renowned legend of premodern times. He lived in the fourteenth century. He left his homeland at the age of twenty-one for making the pilgrimage to Mecca. He is popular today, for performing a series of strange journeys. The span of those journeys consisted on decades. He travelled China, India, from South to Tanzania and Volga River valley. He has written several travelling books and narrated the incidents and stories of his extraordinary journeys. He narrated his experience of his travels in a unique account on medieval and Islamic history. His books are filled with the history of the medieval world and trans-hemispheric cultural setting.

The Voyage

His full name was Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta. He was born in 1304 in Tangier. He was Moroccan by nationality. He was a man of law, botanist, geographer and traveller. He was Judge of his state at times, but he is popular for his extraordinary journeys. He got popularity for covering the 73,000 miles in thirty years, He visited the present countries of China, South Asia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, India, Pakistan, West and North Africa. He is the true founder of Silk Road because he founded this way to travel from Pakistan to China.

The Story

He is the author of many books. In these books, he narrated the detailed stories of his voyaging. He was an expert scientist. He was well-aware of the art of travelling. He had noticed several insights, notes, copious observations and numerous lessons. His Travel Book Al-Rihla took many months to be narrated in the Moroccan court.  For travel blogs, the travels of Ibn Battuta are the inspiration of many companies. In which travellers seek the example of tourism. No doubt tourism and voyaging is a hobby, but setting new trends and guidelines for the followers is the quality of Ibn Battuta only.

He had brought many stories and incidents of his tourism for the people of his native land. It has produced passion of voyaging in them. This motivation was vital for those that time who afraid of the miseries of the journey. Voyaging was very difficult for the majority due to the lack of facilities and resources. It discouraged people to set out on the journey or to accompany travellers. It was very difficult to leave the family for many years due to travelling.

Ibn Battuta, Today

In the world of travel Ibn Battuta is the name of fame. For the travelling companies, it is an example to offer exclusive facilities to their customers. The majority of the travelling companies and guides offer innovative packages of the beautiful areas and sites to the tourists. They introduce the tourism for innovative and beautiful areas of the world to encourage the voyaging in tourists. Tourists want to avail the services as per modern technology. Booking for is travelling is common very easy. Technology makes it ideal for the users to voyage new places of the world. Today, the journey becomes easier and full of facilities. The reputed travel guides play a vital role in this matter.